The 3 key benefits of an on-premises server

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As a growing business, you might be asking yourself, “do I need a server?”. The answer?


All companies need a server, whether it is to support your website, computer network, or other tech processes. But let’s back up a little bit. There are a couple of different types of servers your business could use and finding the right fit for your company before you invest in your infrastructure is essential.

What is a server?

First thing’s first: what is a server, and why do you need one?

A server is a computer that serves information to other computers. It keeps your apps, systems and hardware connected. In fact, it will control your entire business network.

Servers can also be used to store websites. When someone clicks on a web page, that information will directly to the server, which takes the information and decides what to do with it. Without a server, your website would not work!

The two main server types

There are lots of server technologies available, but generally speaking, you can either opt for a virtual server – which will store all your data in the cloud – or choose a physical server, which may or may not be set up in-house, at your own premises.

Virtual servers are the most common choice for most small to medium sized businesses, largely because their cloud-based environments will be managed by a third-party cloud hosting provider. This makes the day-to-day management of this technology much easier for resource-poor companies. Microsoft SharePoint is an example of a server operated system that’s run remotely.

But physical servers are kept onsite at a commercial premises and used to house all of a company’s networks from one location.

Both of these servers are helpful for different reasons, but in-house setups offer a critical benefit that you just can’t ignore: they will allow you to have much more control over your networks. They are also essential if you are operating specific databases and other software that cloud servers don’t have the ability to handle, or if your company requires bespoke IT solutions that need to be managed consistently and proactively.

Why is having an on-premises server so valuable?

It’s completely unique

Using an on-premises server really opens up your IT possibilities! All your customised tech can be catered for, and, as with cloud-based servers, you can always change or upgrade your requirements further down the line.

It’s quicker

Backing up a device to an onsite server is a lot faster than dealing with virtual environments, and this allows for faster recovery if things go wrong.

It’s safer

Your backed up documents and important files will be just as secure – if not more secure – when everything is hosted at your own office.  

Are there any disadvantages to this setup?

As with any tech, there are always mild risks. If you decide to operate onsite servers, it will usually be your responsibility to make sure everything is running smoothly, and regular backups are taking place to mitigate against any unforeseen outages, attacks, or other tech challenges.

But this shouldn’t put you off. At TCS, we can take on the responsibility of managing your physical servers on your behalf, at a price that’s both sustainable and affordable.   

We can offer you:

  • A centralised solution

We can provide a fully centralised solution that houses all your files and media. Sometimes in-house servers can be clunky and overcomplicated, but we will always provide the easiest, fastest, and most efficient solution that meets your distinct IT needs.

  • Reliable hardware

Hardware is one of the most critical aspects of an onsite server, yet it can so often be a physical setup’s downfall. Rest assured, we don’t cut corners in this area. We use reliable equipment and include a “redundant” hard drive that keeps working if the worst should happen, so you’ll always have access to backup.

  • 24/7 care

When we install an inhouse server for you, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Whether you need help making copies of your data, carrying out repairs to your hardware, or just getting regular guidance on the best way to run and manage your infrastructure, we can be your source of support whilst keeping a close eye on your server and its networks in the longer term. We even install a monitoring system on all of our servers that alerts us as soon as the tech runs into an issue.   

We pride ourselves on delivering honest advice and truly bespoke solutions. Get in touch with our team for a free no-obligation consultation and let us find the right server for you and your teams!

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