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Why choose TCS?

Our team has many years’ experience in delivering fast, reliable, and consistently proactive IT support services to schools in Colchester, Essex and across the UK on an outsourced basis.

We understand the challenges facing teachers and support staff who want to deliver world-class learning experiences, yet often find themselves hindered by slow, out of date or simply inadequate tech. We’re here to make sure all students receive the quality education they deserve by keeping schools, colleges and universities online for longer and making full use of all the fantastic tools and platforms that are available to them. 

From installing powerful and accessible site-wide WiFi solutions to backing up encrypted data and streamlining systems for reduced costs, there are plenty of ways we can improve your systems for faster, more collaborative working across your entire school network.

Software & Remote Learning​

Enjoy rock solid school IT systems

We’ll draw upon our experience in software setup and integration, cloud computing and remote Learning to help you find the best tool for your style of teaching.

From integrating Office 365 into your existing systems to setting up Microsoft Teams with SharePoint collaborations for remote learning purposes, we’ll come up with IT solutions that will give your pupils and teachers the platform to thrive, at a price point that’s both affordable and sustainable.

Wireless Network Solutions

Stable and secure connectivity for everyone

We can design, install and support a fast WiFi network at your premises that will bring enhanced mobility and increased flexibility to how, when and where you teach.

Poor WiFi can disrupt lessons and leave you wide open to hacking and other major security risks.  Our bespoke wireless solutions not only deliver a high performance – they’re also ultra-dependable and super secure.

Gold Standard IT Support

Keep your students learning

Our focus on providing best-in-class support means you can focus on teaching, without worrying about tech issues getting in your way.

Whatever day-to-day issues you may encounter, our specialist school IT support staff will get you back up and running quickly and with minimal hassle.


Because your online safety is paramount

Aside from keeping brains whirring and lessons flowing, our school IT support services can be tailored to incorporate robust cyber security solutions that will keep your pupils, teachers and staff safe, regardless of whether they are logging on at your facility or remotely. 

We can provide complete reassurance that your IT security is being taken care of in a way that will not disrupt your work or compromise the performance of your systems.