Pay as you go

Don’t pay for additional hardware or licensing – just pay for what you need. The cloud model allows you to add services as you need them, reduces costs and keeps you up with the technology curve.

Hosted email

Putting your email system ‘into the cloud’ could not be easier. Imagine a totally reliable, ‘always up’ email system that you can access from anywhere in the world, and at any time – a system that will also synchronise with all your devices, phone, PC, laptop etc.

With hosted cloud email, you can continue to receive your mail on your phone, mobile device and from any other computer – with no loss of email through broadband or PC failure.


As your business grows, it is simple and straightforward to add more users or services to meet your changing needs. With a computer and broadband line, you are up and running with all your services.

Safer information

There are lots of ways to keep your information safe but one thing is certain, if you lose your laptop you will need to be up and running in the shortest of time! With cloud synchronisation, your files will not only be on your laptop, PC or mobile device, but will be held safely offsite.


Cloud computing provides you with a high level of reliability which could be difficult and costly to achieve using a PC-based network. Enterprise-level hardware, with robust failover systems, are designed to keep you up and running.

Better collaboration

The cloud will synchronise your information with all your devices be it laptop, phone, tablet or PC, making sure that you are always looking at the most current version of your file, photo or email. You can work effectively on projects with other members of staff, with a supplier or with any other approved person, as changes are immediately reflected on each of the working group’s documents.