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Want to get rid of your messy, multi-platform IT setup?

It’s a familiar story: as a small business develops, multiple non-integrated systems and software across different platforms are bolted on as needed. Eventually, that lack of integration starts limiting your creativity and flexibility, impacting your productivity, and increasing your costs.

But there is a way out!

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses in Essex and beyond implement comprehensive cloud systems that have since transformed them into leaner, more agile and more efficient organisations – without the sky-high costs.

But there is a way out!

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses in Essex and beyond implement comprehensive cloud systems and servers that have since transformed them into leaner, more agile and more efficient organisations – without the sky-high costs.

Email, Calendars & Office Apps

Accessing the right cloud software for the job

Outlook for Email, Calendars & Tasks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote for Windows, Mac or Mobile.

Let us set you up with all the cloud-based apps you need to run your business efficiently and without interruption. We’ll also make sure this reliable cloud software is updated automatically across all your PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and online.

We can install and manage all popular cloud solutions – including Outlook for Email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and other calendar and task systems – for Windows, iOS, and major mobile operating systems.

File Storage & Sharing

Your files: saved, safe and sharable

Save and share files seamlessly & securely with your team and your customers.

We’ll show you how to save and share files seamlessly and securely with your team and your customers.

When you edit and save your files and media, we’ll make sure they sync to the cloud and across all your other devices.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Work with your team in the cloud

Online meetings, communicate with your colleagues, and collaborate on documents with your team.

Host online meetings, communicate with your colleagues, and work on documents with your team in real-time thanks to a series of industry-leading cloud computing tools.

We can create multiple intranets with SharePoint for projects and departments. 

Competitive Fees

Unbeatable pricing for small businesses

Cloud Computing has zero hardware costs – you pay a “per user” subscription for all the services and software you need.

This pricing model is by far the most cost-effective solution for cash savvy SMEs.


Grow with ease

Because you’re only paying for what you need, you have the ability to add or remove users and services as you like.

This makes it incredibly easy to scale your cloud systems up and down, depending on your company’s requirements.

Woman's Eye and World Globes
Security, Compliance & Reliability

Cloud solutions to cover all bases

Today’s cloud platforms are designed to provide around-the-clock protection for your data, your users and your business – both in the workplace and remotely.

Benefit from best-in-class defenses against viruses, spam and malware, plus data and file protection for your business and your customers that meet key international, regional, and industry-specific compliance standards. A guaranteed uptime means your systems will never let you down.

Work Anywhere & Synchronisation

Work safely and in sync

Be productive and stay fully connected with your team, regardless of whether you’re working remotely or onsite.

All your emails, files and data will be stored securely in the cloud. It will sync with all your staff’s devices, so they can be productive wherever they are in the world.


Switching to the cloud may feel like a mission!

But taking the leap will likely reduce your IT cost overhead, give your team all the integrated tools and systems they need for higher productivity workflows while ensuring protection from cyber-attacks and breaches of GDPR & PCI compliance.

We have decades of combined expertise in moving our clients over to cloud services, so you can trust us to ensure the process is fast, simple, and smooth. You’ll end up with a solid, extremely dependable, and super flexible full IT solution for your business that can be adjusted if and when your needs change.


Cloud computing covers all the essential IT needs for a small business, including things like email and other common office apps; collaboration tools; file sharing functionality; and solid security systems. If you want all these things within your organisation, then yes, it’s time to move to the cloud!  

An in-house server that provides the same functionality as a cloud solution will cost significantly more. You’ll need dedicated hardware and software; you’ll need to find space in your premises for all the equipment; you’ll face significant setup costs; and you’ll need to find the additional IT budget to maintain your setup. You’ll find more information on our other server solutions here.

Cloud computing is proven to save hours on in-house IT support, promote better communications, accelerate productivity and save on general IT costs.

We’ve got you covered. Our team can design a hybrid solution for this scenario, which means we will help you incorporate a dedicated server – either based in-house or in the cloud – to host the software that can’t be supported by your standard cloud system.