You can hold all of your files and folders centrally:

You can create folders that nominated or all of your users have permission to access – this can save the time it take to search for files on a number of different computers. It also means that you are always accessing or viewing the latest or current version of any file. Using a server, you can secure your files to ensure that only those with permission can see the information.

You can back up all of your files from a single location:

This makes it much simpler to secure your critical files and folders, as all files can be organised in a single location. You can establish scheduled backups to removable hard drives or to offsite storage, securing valuable business information and avoiding the risk of human error.

You can manage your emails much more efficiently:

You can manage your own email, and add or remove users at will. All information will be ‘synched’ with every one of your devices, including mobile phones, office and home PCs, I-pad etc. Using Outlook web access, you can have access to your emails – at all times and from anywhere in the world!
You can centralise printing

Centralised printing reduces the need for a printer on each desk, and offers the opportunity for substantial reductions in the costs of toners, ink and hardware. It also gives you much more control on waste.

You will Safeguard your information

Our recommended servers come with a ‘redundant’ hard drive – this means that, should one of your hard drives fail, the other will continue to work normally. We will then quickly and simply change the failed drive and you will be up and running with the minimum of downtime.

Reliability will increase

With redundant power supplies and hard drives, your server will provide the reliability you need, keeping your business running and improving all-round productivity.

Software installation

Installing software and updates can be a time consuming activity, eating into productivity. Using a server, most software can be installed centrally and out of hours again reducing downtime and frequency of interruption.

Monitoring and reporting

All of our servers have a monitoring and reporting facility, which will alert you or your IT support of any potential problems with your network. You can also produce reports giving you information such as numbers of emails received or sent from any individual user, online activity, storage requirements and much more.

Faster computing

Is your network running slow? A server will get things moving quickly again. Servers are designed to run at all times, and are manufactured with integrated, high-end hardware for reliability and performance.

What is your next step?

Contact us and arrange a site visit! We will listen and discuss your plans. When we have all the information we will propose a plan to improve and update your current IT system making clear the benefits and providing a transparent breakdown of costs.