Need the benefits of dedicated hardware?

Our Cloud Computing Solutions cover the essential IT needs of most small businesses but if you need to run specific software or databases, or your IT policy requires in-house or dedicated IT infrastructure for complete control over configuration then our Server Solutions could be the right solution for you.

We’ve got you covered!

We’ve been working alongside businesses to provide Bespoke Server Setups for more than 25 years, and can design, build and maintain a system for your specific needs.

Bespoke Config and Software

A Server configured for your exact requirements

Complete control over the server’s setup, including OS and software including file access and permissions for users and groups. 

If you need to run specific software or databases, need remote access to your server, our tailor-made Server Solutions have no limitations.

High Performance

When you need the very best performance

Our dedicated server solutions provide the highest level resource to run faster 24/7 for optimal productivity

A server will get things moving quickly again. Servers are designed to run at all times and are manufactured with integrated, high-end hardware for reliability and performance.

Central File Management

All your Files and Media managed and accessed in one place

File storage and sharing are an integral part of the modern business workflow – our Servers will provide a centralised solution

Create folder access for individuals, teams and departments  – all your business-critical data stored, accessed and backed up from one place

Reliability & Redundancy

Physical hardware with full redundancy capability

Our recommended hardware has solid reliability but should the worst happen you’ll be up and running in no time

All of our servers come with a ‘redundant’ hard drive – this means that should one of your hard drives fail, the other will continue to work normally. Most servers are installed with an uninterruptible power supply to protect your server and in turn your data against power spikes or fluctuations in your power supply.
Security & Backups

Onsite and Offsite backups and restore

Daily, hourly or more frequent scheduled backups will keep your data and files safe, and these can be restored easily for any reason

Scheduled backups can be sent to secure online storage as well as to removable hard drives for physical offsite storage, securing your valuable business information.

Monitoring & Reporting

We look after your Server, 24/7

All of our servers have a monitoring and reporting facility, which will alert us of any potential problems on your network.

We can also produce reports giving you information such as numbers of emails received or sent from any individual user, online activity, storage requirements and much more.

Don't let clunky, slow IT impact your business

Our fully optimised Server Solutions, designed around your specific requirements, will turbocharge your productivity and position you for growth.


It’s possible!  But to be sure, we can do a free audit of your IT setup to get a clear understanding of your exact requirement and the issues you have – we’ll then be able to advise you on the best solution for your needs

There are several “tiers” of hardware to choose from, and our fees are based on the specific requirement of your project.

Following a review of your requirement and an IT Audit of your current system, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate for the hardware and our fees.

Yes! – having a fully optimised server in your business will only increase your productivity and position your organisation for growth.

After we conduct a full review of your requirement and a full (and free) IT Audit of your current setup you’ll get a fixed fee quote that will include a fixed deadline to deliver your solution.