The benefits of a managed Wi-Fi system

4.66 billion people use the internet worldwide – and most of these users understand the importance of browsing under a safe connection!

Wi-Fi networks need to deliver speed, reliability, and enhanced security, particularly for high usage organisations like schools, colleges, universities, and, of course, businesses. This is where managed Wi-Fi comes into the picture.

What is managed Wi-Fi?

Managed Wi-Fi involves implementing and operating a Wi-Fi system that ensures property-wide access to a range of devices. This kind of setup is cloud-based and remotely accessible so that professionals like us can keep track of its efficiency and fix any technical issues.

Put simply, it’s an improved way of controlling your Wi-Fi system that doesn’t require on-site technical help.

If you don’t opt for managed Wi-Fi, you will need to put your own systems in place. This may seem more cost-effective at first, but when you inevitably start grappling with downtime, low bandwidth, and recurring technical problems, dealing with inadequate networks can become more expensive in the long term (not to mention leave a dent in staff productivity). It’s also challenging to find Wi-Fi systems that can serve larger buildings.  

The benefits of managed Wi-Fi

Why should you look at implementing managed Wi-Fi?

  • Ultra-fast setup

Integrating your own Wi-Fi system can be obscenely time-consuming. Finding the right provider(s) for your requirements whilst juggling endless other tasks within your business can place a lot of strain on you and your management teams – and having numerous companies deal with different setup elements can cause complications and communication issues.

Choose managed Wi-Fi, and many of these problems disappear. IT professionals – like those of us here at TCS Ltd – will not only be able to source the best deals and equipment, but they will also get you up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to implement everything yourself.

  • Super reliable

We’ve all been there. The Wi-Fi fails, and work has to cease, halting all the essential jobs that need to be done. It’s frustrating. With managed Wi-Fi, you can say goodbye to that sinking feeling you get when your systems keep dipping offline.

Your system will be optimised for the best possible performance from day one. Plus, having our remote team by your side gives you expert advice on tap, as well as faster fixes to all your everyday Wi-Fi challenges.

  • High capacity

We use managed Wi-Fi systems that are robust and built for multiple access points, which means easier than ever connectivity for numerous devices.

Managed Wi-Fi allows your organisation to have high-capacity Wi-Fi without the physical need for tons of tech. Essentially, it enables property-wide access to the network, without the need to install numerous routers.

  • Flexibility

Managed Wi-Fi can be adapted to suit various business needs. Large premises? Sorted. Unusual location? There’s a solution. Higher capacity than most? We’ve got you covered!  

  • Looking the part

We choose polished, minimalistic router designs to keep our clients’ access points looking on-point. There won’t be any bulky wires or cumbersome metal boxes to deal with. Every device we integrate into your managed Wi-Fi system will be small and streamlined, leaving more room within your office environment.  

  • Security

Managed Wi-Fi is considered a better option than letting your internal IT department manage your connectivity, largely because trained professionals like us understand the best practices for setting up the most secure IT networks and admin controls. We’ll also be able to recommend the latest technologies and implement security upgrades as and when they’re needed.

Your Wi-Fi systems are central to your company’s success – so choosing a managed Wi-Fi provider you can trust should be your number one priority.

At TCS Ltd, we have a secure track record in delivering standout Wi-Fi solutions to organisations in all kinds of industry sectors. Our customers rely on our expertise to provide them with the best possible solutions, regardless of their location, their business size, or their bespoke connectivity needs. Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits of investing in our managed Wi-Fi services and learn more about how it all works!

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