SharePoint – it takes cloud computing and storage to another level!

Probably the biggest innovation in business technology in recent years is cloud computing, and Microsoft’s SharePoint provides the ultimate resource for the business world that is increasingly adopting a more virtual and mobile existence.

‘The common question now asked by business is should we look at ‘cloud-based’ storage or a new file server?’

Undoubtedly, many businesses still use the ‘traditional’ file server to store important information, and it isn’t necessarily the wrong option. However, it is a forgone conclusion that businesses in the future will be utilising ‘cloud-based’ technology to store, communicate and integrate their files and communications.

Cloud technology has certainly taken a little time to find its feet as an option for storage and business communications because of broadband speeds and lack of investment, and although some rural locations may still find it difficult to use cloud storage solutions, the speeds now available and expanding throughout the UK means cloud technology is gaining in popularity. It provides a more cost effective and fluid approach to business communications, with added features that allow organisations to improve their IT infrastructure and make it do so much more for the business. The normal outcome is to save valuable time, which has a positive effect on the bottom line.

SharePoint Online is complemented by a server version for those who may experience a slow internet connection, and this can form a natural transition for businesses who feel more comfortable with the traditional server, but still desire the extended storage, functionality and communications provided by SharePoint.

So what are the benefits of SharePoint?

  • Remote working – access your business files from anywhere
  • Open your documents in Office applications online
  • Work on a document with your colleagues at the same time
  • Share your documents with colleagues with just a click
  • Create your own intranet resource for communications across your organisation
  • Search facilities, helping you to find your documents with ease
  • Full integration with Office 365 applications and APP based versions
  • Your own cloud storage facility for all sensitive company documentation
  • Storage of all company emails in one location, with further integration allowing you to store emails into categorised lists

As typical with most organisations, the important content we like to store and manage effectively is email. The old adage of losing or not being able to find that important email shouldn’t be a factor with SharePoint as it can store emails like any other file type, and help businesses to meet their compliance obligations through effective management of that content.

In not so many years to come the traditional file server will certainly be considered an archaic method of managing and storing content and data, firmly entering itself into the archives of IT history. Although, at this point a business may not be considering a full transition towards cloud in favour of replacing that tired old server, we can certainly advise on the best method of transition by talking through in ‘plain English (minus acronyms)’ the options that are available to you.

Why not talk to TCS Support today to find out more about SharePoint and cloud-based solutions for your business!

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