All companies, large or small, should have a clear ‘Internet Fair Use’ policy.

This document should serve to inform staff of what is – and isn’t – acceptable use of the internet, and also demonstrate the first steps in due diligence to outside organisations, suppliers or governing bodies.

‘Unacceptable use of the Internet’ is a broad term, but your policy should include:

  • not visiting sites containing obscene, hateful or pornographic material.
  • prohibiting the downloading of any software not directly related to the employees’ ability to carry out their role.
  • hacking into unauthorised areas – inside and outside – the local network.
  • details on the use of company information and with whom it can be shared.
  • the use of social media, and what can and cannot be published.

Company IT policies and Permissions

A well-considered, written policy should sit alongside an IT policy that restricts what employees can and cannot do on the network. If you would like a sample document call or email us and we will send you a link.

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