With so many backup solutions whats the best one for you?

Advantages / Disadvantages of Cloud :

  • Your data is safe and secure in a data centre, most have UK, European and US data centres which can also backup to each other offering excellent redundancy.
  • You can set and forget once you have told the software what to backup and the frequency you require.
  • Many offer versioning (keeps multiple versions of the same document as you make changes) at no additional cost.
  • You will be using Enterprise hardware and security.
  • Should you need to restore a large amount of data you may find this slow as you will be at the mercy of your broadband speed.

Advantages of local ::

  • Your backups are onsite so easy and fast to restore should you need to.
  • A member of staff will need to be responsible for changing the backup drives, so there is always a danger that this is forgotten.
  • We can backup a complete server which will make it faster to restore in a disaster.
  • With multiple backup drives you reduce the risk of hardware failure.

Without a doubt the answer is to combine these two methods with a Hybrid solution, keeping data onsite but backing up critical files in the cloud. To find out more or to discuss this further please call Roy on 012o6 576043 or email roy@tcssupport.co.uk.



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