The Client

A highly successful estate agency with two busy, local offices handling property sales and a rapidly growing volume of ‘lettings’.

The Problem

The present server does have not have sufficient capacity for the growing number of users and applications, required for the business. The backup provision was inadequate and the remote office needed to connect to the server in order to use the lettings software.

Solution Proposed

To supply an in-house server to manage email, central storage and to fully exploit a large database, linked to property management software.

The mail system is now run through Microsoft Exchange, on a local server, providing a tried and tested way to manage emails. With this system in place, the business has been able to set up a collaboration and monitoring process to engage with target groups of potential and existing users. Staff are now kept informed of changing events and such key issues as lender criteria. It is now possible to send emails to mobile devices, keeping staff fully informed as events happen.

Using Exchange, shared calendars can be used to manage staff holidays, schedule appointments and ensure all members are kept up to speed with critical business communications. Shared contact groups have been set up to enable staff to easily find associates’ contact information.

Remote Users
Sales staff from the second office can log in to the server to access lettings software, this provides the facility to centralise the database and ensure that all information in one place. It also simplifies the overall backup process.

Using the process within the Small Business Server, we set up the software to back up overnight to external backup drives. These can then be changed each day and taken offsite for added business security.


As the second office is not running its own server, we have proposed dual storage devices, which will, in the unlikely event of a hardware failure, synchronise all critical company information and provide the business with much-improved continuity.