The Client

A technical services consultancy involved in water supply and sanitation.  The company also specialises in disaster risk reduction. It operates with 6 members of staff.

The Problem

This successful business was in a strong growth phase which included moving to new offices. It required a re-organisation of company data and files, access for remote workers and a robust backup solution

Solution Proposed

We installed a Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) to manage all email traffic and to provide central file management. The server facilitates remote access to the system by external workers from all around the world.

Microsoft Exchange
Manages the flow of email in and out of the company. The system will keep a historic record of all email movements, allowing the business to segment its projects through distribution groups, keeping all members of the project informed of changes as they happen. Shared calendars are now used extensively and effectively.
Authorised users can use this system from their laptops, either with an internet connection or from a remote location, such as an internet café. The internet connection gives them access to their emails, calendars and contacts.

Centralise Files and VPN
The server allows the business to better organise and secure files, managing them by project and settings access permissions for members of the project team only. This allows the business to record when the files are accessed, and by whom. Because the system is set up to keep a record of historic changes for 30 days, any errors can be rectified by rolling back to the previous version of a document.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) was set up for remote users to access permitted documents from anywhere in the world.  These improvements have saved the business a large amount of time and consistently meet and exceed critical deadlines.

A third-party backup solution is employed, providing a robust backup to an external device and to backup drives. Test ‘restores’ have been carried out to prove the system.


The business is keen to keep pace with advances in technology and areas that can further improve its efficiency. We are in discussions to move the email system into the cloud, to further safeguard the system and to reduce the services supported by the local server.