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The Client
A Local potato farmer and crisp manufacturer, supplying the local hospitality and catering sector. Moving into supplying large food chains.

The existing computer network was slow and becoming unreliable – and unsuitable for their new target client base and for their move to larger offices. The poor performance of computers, during everyday tasks, was directly affecting workflow, with provision for regular, organised backups. A remote office was required for warehouse admin.

Solutions proposed
New computers, tailored to business needs and configured in a peer-to-peer network, so as to share files and printers across the office. Remote office connected to main office, using wireless directional antenna as no cables could be run over the required distance. This provided a cost effective solution and enabled the remote office also to share files across network. The existing backup had been an ongoing problem and had always required human intervention. We proposed a Cloud-based solution that would synchronise all critical files at scheduled times throughout the day. With this solution, the client only pays storage space as it is needed, and benefits from a highly efficient way to safeguard his critical business files. The client adopted our proposals.

The client will move from the existing limited email system to a Cloud based email solution in the near future – this will provide a much faster, more secure and flexible email facility



The Client
A Financial services company specialising in mortgage business from a large house-building group. The business has 100 + employees, 90 + computers and six servers.


With there recent growth. The business has become heavily dependent on the IT infrastructure. We will need to consider remote workers requiring a secure way to access the network. A robust platform for their proprietary software and a strong disaster recovery solution for business continuity.


After careful discussions with our client we decided on a hybrid solution for performance and reliability. We moved their email to a Hosted / Cloud based platform. We provided two Fujitsu servers with hardware redundancy to run their critical database software. This would provide a boost in performance and the level of redundancy required to keep the business running.

Moving email to a hosted / cloud data center will provide a fast reliable answer offering all the features of a local Microsoft Exchange server but with enterprise level up time. Groups of local staff and vendor staff are kept updated with changing events and lender criteria. Using exchange, shared calendars can be used to manage staff holidays, schedule appointments and to ensure all member are kept up to speed with critical business communications. Shared contact groups have been set up to enable staff to easily find contact information of business associates.

Remote Users:
As the external sales staff grows the need for a reliable and capable broadband solutions has become of great importance. We have moved to a fibre solution offering increased upload speeds to the local database. In addition we have suggested that they keep the current ADSL connection and use this as a fail-over.